Monday, March 31, 2014

I Am a Mighty Huntress

I found something my Mom thought was lost forever (yesterday) - her 16 gb memory card for her MP3 player. She woke up this morning to the sounds of me playing with it on the hardwood floor.

For some reason she always pays attention to when I'm playing with something. I don't know why. I'm pretty open to batting around anything I can get my paw around. And chewing on it. All very reasonable stuff, don't you think?

So now she's pretty happy!!


  1. Hey, you could hire yourself out to find lost items! It could be a pretty good (and fun) gig!

  2. We kitties are awesome at lost and found!

  3. If she's happy, you didn't bite on it hard enough!

  4. We're glad you found your mom's memory card. We bet she's thrilled!