Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Caturday

As always we hope all our furriends and their families have a happy Caturday.

Toby is having problems again. Since Wednesday, he's had very little stools. How can he be constipated eating ONLY wet food? Nothing we've tried has been labeled high fiber. If he doesn't produce something significant this weekend, he's headed for the Stabby Place on Monday.

The Katnip Lounge commented on the last related post that this might be due to difficulty in assuming the position; I'm leaning towards that explanation. He's not limping but there is stiffness in the hindquarters.  I'm thinking of giving him another pain pill this morning to see if that helps. They seem to be more in the category of Ibuprofen, rather than Vicodin.

This is the first time I've had to deal with an ongoing situation. It's always been no more than a course of antibiotics at most. I can't say I'm enjoying this Mystery Medical episode.

The latest food results:

Toby likes Wilderness, Leia not so much.

Spa Select Blue: Leia yes, Toby no.

Nature Balance - both of them like! 2 paws up.

Inner Core Duck/Turkey - oh my yes.

I'm not sure there is really anything left of any decent quality we haven't tried by now. Evo and Wellness are the toprunners for quality and they seem to like both, especially Evo. Science Diet ID remains a staple. I still want to try Sheba Pates, grainfree.

*** I just read that Miralax is suggested for constipated cats. Has anyone tried it or knows someone who has? I'm wondering if I should get some of that today.


  1. I bought Miralax for my cat Gracie. She ended up needing subq fluids and then an enema from the vet, poor girl. The vet told me to try the Miralax first. I would check with my vet before giving anything beyond putting water into Toby's wet food. maybe tuna juice for extra hydration?
    Hope it resolves itself without a trip to the vet!

  2. Oh my...we sure hope Toby gets better soon! I am new to being a cat's companion and caregiver, so I'm afraid I'm clueless! So much can be gained by reaching out to the friends in blogland so please do!!! We will certainly send lots of purrs and prayers your way!!!
    Purrs & Hugs

  3. Have you tried Catmalt ?
    That is jummy and good for your tummy :)

  4. Binga gets laculose, but my human thinks she may need a change in medication. (BTW, we all eat wet food only, plus occasional treats.) Does your phone or camera take videos? If you catch Toby using the litter box, maybe you can film it so the vet can see his position and get a better idea of what he's having problems with. My human has found video very helpful in explaining things to vets. Purrs to Toby - I hope you find a solution to his problem soon!

  5. Eric used to get constipated so he had Katalax which I would assume to be similar to Miralax. He would get a small amount rubbed into his paw for him to lick off 2 or 3 times a week. At the first sign of small or hard stools he would get it twice a day for a week or so and that always seemed to work for him. He had wet food with an extra teaspoon of water mixed in. More than a teaspoon and he would leave it.

  6. Maybe you should ask about adding some pumpkin to the food. Fin loved it and it's supposed to help regulate things - just a little and it adds some fiber.

  7. We used Miralax for Felix--he had terrible dried stools (losts of hair), some so bad that I had to PULL them out. Not Fun. For all parties. We gave him a scant 1/8 tsp daily in some tuna water which he happily drank, and after about 10 days he was MUCH better. Felix has a bum knee from when he tore his ACL so we think his corking up also might be due to his squatting issues. Good luck--poor guy. purrs!

  8. Poor Toby. Our Zoey has constipation issues. She only poops about every 3-4 days. She gets miralax mixed in her wet foods every day...1/4 tsp. twice a day. And the mom mixes a little water into her wet foods too. She also gets cisapride which is a medicine for megacolon. It's perplexing that given all this, she still doesn't poop regularly. But the vet said that as long as she's eating, not vomiting, not straining in the litterbox and acting normal, maybe this is regular for her. You could try adding miralax to Toby's food, but check with your vet first.