Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Caturday

Mom says I have the most expressive face of any kitteh she has ever known. Here you can see my feelings about Leia being fed separately AND getting more (Mom's note: only more at a time) than me. I'm just doing the kitteh-loaf here cuz I know if I try to move in, she will stop me. MOUSES!

We hope all our furriends have a great Caturday. We're rather busy ourselves. Mom has the bugs again, we're helping with that. Of course we don't actually see any bugs, but she swears she has them. So we're standing ready to swat the tar out of them when they do appear.

From the Mom:

We are now on the fun journey of finding gushy noms that the cats will eat. I bought a selection at Petsmart and Petsupermaket today. BTW, I very much appreciate Petsupermarket's willingness to take back the opened bag of dry kibble they can't eat, and haven't eaten since we started the wet. This bag was $25.99. I didn't have a receipt, so they gave me store credit. That paid for today's purchases. TY Petsupermarket!

Toby's weight loss wasn't my doing. I didn't even realize until the vet visit. He was 20.7 in Nov. and 18  three weeks ago. I feel like a failure as pet parent; Leia has also lost weight so I'm inclined to think they just didn't like the Wellness Inner Core kibble. Sometimes, we just don't see the truth about what we see every day. At this point I don't want either of them to lose any more weight.

Once a week, for awhile, I will post on the results of the food tastings. We want our furriends to know how the felines are doing, and also for any other hoomins out there who might be thinking about switching to wet or adding it. I'd planned on keeping kibble as a side dish but have been overruled by the Committee of Two Tails.

The goal is quality grain free, but frankly, that is very expensive for two cats. My plan is to mix some of the best with some of the not quite as good. Green papers always matter, and at $2 or more per can for some, like Wellness, it adds up very fast.

So far I don't like:

• Science Diet Smart Balance Grain Free or Nature's Balance Grain Free. SB looks like dog size chunks and NB has too-large chicken strips. Both cats enjoyed licking the gravy off them but didn't really eat any of it. They probably would have liked both more had they been more mashed up.

• Science Diet I/D is very well received and I plan to always have some just in case, and to use as a base for trying other foods.

• Evo Grain Free is also popular. As you can see from the picture, there is an assortment here. I plan to try all the grain frees and quality non grain free. Eventually we will settle on a paw-full that work for taste, quality and price.

I'll be back next Sunday with more results. Ciao!


  1. We are big fans of the Evo too! My human does spend more on cat food (she says more than she spends to feed herself, MOL!), but she figures it is worth it in the long run, because Binga and Boodie have fewer vet bills. I don't eat grain free all the time... and actually, I have run up more than my fair share of vet bills, come to think of it! Maybe that's what I get for being so picky!

  2. I tried just about every brand on the market several years ago, trying to get the cats to eat "premium" grain free. Now I go for what they'll eat, though still grain-free for the most part. One flavour of ProPlan (chicken and liver), some cr*p. Derry is VERY picky, there's very little wet food he'll eat and I feed 98% wet, only give a bit of dry every day because they love it so much (it's not grain-free, but it's corn, soy and wheat-free, has rice though). Nicki seems to have a problem with too-rich food, especially if they have potato. Not good for him.

    My problem with these "higher" quality foods is that they are filled with either fat (I've opened some cans that are disgusting and that I've thrown out immediately), or filled with vegetables. Even the supposedly better quality foods have fillers to keep the costs down. The best option is to feed raw, make your own, but my cats don't go for human food (except deli ham for Nicki). But I can leave any kind of meat or poultry out on the counter and the boys don't ever touch it. I wish they WOULD recognize meat as *real* food!

    Good luck!

  3. P.S. Toby's expression...I recognize that one! Nicki displays it A LOT when Derry jumps up on my lap for cuddles, which is a frequent occurrence. LOL.

  4. MOL! Toby that face says it all!

    The mom has a hard time finding foods that we like too. One cat likes one kind of of food but then the other doesn't. We hope some of the foods you got today will be winners!

  5. *sigh*
    Tell me about cat food costs...with 13 felines we go for a happy medium of wet and kibble. Friskies for the wet, and Blue Buffalo for the dry. They eat just about anything due to the competition factor, something I clearly see Toby knows ALL about!

  6. We're Fancy Feast kids for canned food. Caroline is picky for show but now that we have another vacuum in the house, if she snoozes, she loses!

  7. Oh Toby, your expression is priceless! Good luck, Mom, on finding a good wet food that Toby and Leia enjoy. We look forward to your posts about the taste test results (especially since we have some picky eaters here...). :)

  8. Poor Toby! Oui Oui drives the mom crazy with what she will and will not eat. We are down to 2 flavors of wet food, and even those she will occasionally stick her nose up at. We buy Spot's Stew dry food online from Chewy cause they have the best prices. Everyone here loves it! If you'd like to try some, our mom would be willing to send you some to try. That way, if Leia & Toby don't like it, you aren't out any money. Just email the mom your address.