Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Pawsome Idea!!!

.... but, purrhaps, more for the ladies in the Kitteh Blogosphere. 


Worth checking out!!

PS: We luff to see unique, creative methods of getting the word out about animal adoptions and needs. Especially when they do NOT involve guilt trips.

- Leia & the Mom

- Toby is remaining silent on this. We don't think he's as impressed as we are.


  1. We just saw that while surfing the news. I don't recognize any of the humans, but I really like the expression on man #5 (sorry to make him nameless but I didn't go back to find out what his name is).

  2. My human said meh - she prefers men who love cats!

  3. Hey, if it helps get some pups adopted, we say good on ya! :)