Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Pawsome Idea!!!

.... but, purrhaps, more for the ladies in the Kitteh Blogosphere. 


Worth checking out!!

PS: We luff to see unique, creative methods of getting the word out about animal adoptions and needs. Especially when they do NOT involve guilt trips.

- Leia & the Mom

- Toby is remaining silent on this. We don't think he's as impressed as we are.


  1. Well, we were all pretty impressed!

  2. We just saw that while surfing the news. I don't recognize any of the humans, but I really like the expression on man #5 (sorry to make him nameless but I didn't go back to find out what his name is).

  3. My human said meh - she prefers men who love cats!

  4. Hey, if it helps get some pups adopted, we say good on ya! :)