Thursday, October 9, 2014

Abducted by Aliens!

This morning, early, when I was just settling in for a peaceful day's napping, I was snatched from my comfy bed, forced into the PTU, then a car ride and THEN LEFT AT THE STABBY PLACE all morning. I am never, ever left there. Ever ever ever. Until today.

I KNOW this was aliens. Because MY MOM would never, ever do anything like this, would she?

Would she??

I'm heading up to the kitteh loft until I'm sure they are all gone and won't come back for me a second time.

- Toby

Mom's note:

It was a very stressful morning for two of us. I'm not sure Leia realized she was left alone. Toby needs two more weeks of expensive antibiotics; I was hoping we were done with pills. The UA showed no crystals though, and for that I'm very grateful. And no re-check is needed in two weeks.

One good thing - now I know for sure I got the right cat. I really didn't have any doubts about that, but still, the verification was nice.

Now, he lost 2 oz this last two weeks. The vet isn't worried about that, but the Clavamox makes him not want to eat as much. I need to stimulate his appetite as much as I can. Anyone have any ideas? Rotisserie chicken works well, plus heating it up, plus petting him while he eats.

I am very open to other ideas!! Please share.


  1. Poor little guy! My suggestion is deli ham. Bibs ate that even when she was really nauseous.

  2. I'm glad Toby is getting better. Sparkle used to love KFC even more than just rotisserie chicken. That was always my human's go-to when she was off her food (which was often).

  3. We're with Summer--KFC is our favorite enticement. That, and baby food. Gerbers is great, especially ham! And of course You-Know-Who recommends Cheez-Its for everything.

  4. Poor Toby. We're thinking baby food -- chicken or ham. Or maybe low-sodium deli chicken?