Friday, October 3, 2014

Finally Friday!

As always, Mom is all kinds of excited cuz she gets two days off to be with us.

1. I (Tobers) am doing pretty well. I'm eating less right now because the Clavamox kinda messes with my tummy, so Mom is working hard to keep me nomming. Gotta admit, I am enjoying the rotisserie chick-hen mixed in with my food. And I'm also having fun keeping her guessing. This morning, I walked away from the heated food to eat the unheated bowl.    :)  We can't make it too easy for them, can we?

hmm... do you think she will stop doing that when my meds run out? I hope not. I think we should have chick-hen EVERY day. Don't you?

2. Most of us are struggling with something, but for some people life is a struggle every day. We read about a very nice lady, Audra, and her two senior adult kittehs who recently had a flood in their apartment and are in desperate need of essential items being replaced. We heard about them from Cat On My Head a few days ago, and Mom said we could donate a few green papers this morning. We hope others will be able to do the same, and purrayers are ALWAYS welcomed.

Have a fantastic weekend, furriends!

- Leia and Toby


  1. Good for you Toby. We love to keep our humans guessing!

    Have a happy Friday!

  2. I do agree, it is important to keep humans guessing, although when it comes to food I have a hard time staying away from it!

  3. Yippee for Friday and Yippee for getting chick-hen too! Sending purrs and visiting Audra right now! Purrs....

  4. I'm coming over for dinner, Toby! What chicken you don't eat, I will!

  5. Toby, lucky you for getting rotisserie chicken! Getting that makes taking the medicine bearable.

  6. Feel better, Tobers. And have a great weekend.

  7. Hope your tummy is feelin' better really soon but I also hope that the chicken outlasts the Clavimox. I never get good stuff like chicken. *sighs*


  8. Oh, yes, Toby ... chick-hen every day would be to our liking, too. We hope your belleh feels better soon, pal.

    We're purring and praying for Dezi and Lexi and Mom Audra, too!