Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finally Friday

Mom! This is a serious matter I have to discuss with you. That's why I've chosen this platform, right in front of the TV. I need your full attention.

You're Netflixing The Gilmore Girls. I... I'm a dude here, a mankitteh. Got a rep to maintain, y'know? I can't be in a house where you're watching THE GILMORE GIRLS! When are we gonna get back to the manly movies - like the Dolph Lundgren movies? I LIKE Dolph. He does pawesome stuff. He kicks tail on those other tomcats in a big way. Very inspiring.

We've watched plenty of those, especially lately. I know you think I wasn't watching, but I only had my eyes closed when you were looking at me.

So please please please let's get back to the action movies! No more GG!

That's all.

- Toby


  1. Toby, you would hate living here - we are ALL girls, except for my human's boyfriend, who is a musician and does not particularly like manly type things. So basically we females rule here!

  2. You can come here, bra. We don't stream anything except food!

  3. Toby, we don't stream anything here either, but all our human's DVDs are chick flicks, Jane Austen stuff, etc. BORING. At least you've had a chance to watch mancatly action movies!

  4. Soudns like you need a Terminator fix! Or maybe a Bird TV Channel? Anyway, Happy Halloween to you both!

  5. Mum doesn't watch TV much so me and my dad watch manly programmes together.

  6. Toby, you need to get your own Netflix account, buddy!