Monday, October 6, 2014

Hoomins - Cod Luff 'Em

Ok, let's be real here - we all know how.... difficult... it can be to live with our 'rents. They are always promising they will get to __ something __ right away. But how often does that actually happen??

Want an example? Ok, for example - our courtyard. Would you believe Cow Kitteh visited us again last week? Yep, that cheeky lil so-and-so did indeed invade our territory one more time. And yep - Toby started harassing ME over it. Again! As if I had anything to do with this!

So Mom FINALLY got it done yesterday afternoon. She put up some green fencing and tied it to the fence posts. Then she piled up some pine straw to keep Ebil Introoders from really even seeing any of the inside, as much as possible.

After carefully perusing the pictures, Toby and I decided this would prolly be sufficient.
We hope so. *I* hope so. I'm tired of having these little disagreements with the Orange Behemoth.

- The Delicate, Petite, Princess Leia


  1. Poor Leia. I hope that works. Some kids just can't take an alien cat in the yard, as unfair as it is. Do you know that my mom's original cat (a girl) would attack Mom's leg if an alien was in the yard? I think *that* was pretty dumb.

  2. We sure hope that works for you. Introoder kitties can be so annoying.

  3. I hope this works - and yes, it is about time this was fixed!

  4. The orange behemoth.... LOVE it!


    1. Well, though he is not 23 lbs anymore - the dude is still 17.4. That's almost twice my weight!