Thursday, January 8, 2015

What We Learned at the Vet Tonight (After Hours)

At 7:12 pm Toby got in the litterbox and got out without producing anything. Convinced he was blocked, I rushed him off to our regular vet who thankfully does their own after hours care. The senior vet with decades of experience was there.

Toby was not blocked, Heaven and all the saints and Ceiling Cat be praised. There was a bit of urine inside, and his UTI was causing irritation, hence the litterbox jumping. Apparently this is the sign that brings people with cats into the vet. Because we caught it early last time, I didn't see this behavior.

He got a Prednisone shot and Pred pills to start tomorrow to deal with the irritation. And Senior Vet showed me how to tell myself if Toby is blocked. That was an educational experience.

I don't regret rushing him off. I've always been taught that for a cat, especially a male, to not produce urine was Very Bad. Now I have some more knowledge to help balance my anxiety and make better decisions for his, and her, health.

and it only cost me $131. For an emergency vet visit, I'd say that's pretty good!!

PS: would you believe after all this, my lil orange Monkey Man still loves me?
PPS: while I was upstairs typing this, Toby was downstairs producing both liquid and solid waste. There is almost a joke here, don't you think? Can't quite put my paw on it....

I took this pic earlier today. It's kind of rare for them to be like this, and I like to think of this one as Leia helping Toby feel better:


  1. Glad you got Toby there quickly and it looks like he is going to be okay.

  2. I'm glad to hear Toby's good! We think you take very good care of him.

  3. I'm just glad that Toby is okay, and not in bad shape. I hope he is all better soon!

  4. I am doing catch up today and reading posts in oldest order first so am all behind with the news. I am very glad you weren't blocked Toby. It's always better to be safe than sorry. I hope the Pred soon helps you feel much better.

  5. You're right, you can't be too safe when you see a male cat having pee issues. We're glad Toby wasn't blocked and we purr that the meds help him feel better.