Thursday, January 29, 2015

To All Hoomins

Mom took this the other night. She calls it my yoga pose. I am also informed that it somewhat resembles an insult that hoomins can give to other hoomins known as "the middle finger".

I would VERY MUCH like to extend that insult to every hoomin on the planet right now.

Why? Let's look at my list, shall we? Oh yes, there is a list:

1. Food was denied me

2. I was stuffed in a PTU, endured a car ride - and oh my Ceiling Cat was it cold out there

3. LEFT at the Stabby Place so they could perform... tests. These involved needles and fingers in EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE places.

Mom said this was all neccessary but I don't care. Hence, my finger-paw to the world.

I'm going up to the kitteh loft. Don't follow me if you walk on two feet.


  1. Poor kid! You could come here, Toby. We'd run interference for you!

  2. Well, it all sounds annoying... but I hope your tests come out good!

  3. Yikes! We feel your pain, and are sending lots and lots of purrs for good results!

  4. Well, if all that happened, the middle finger-esque gesture seems pretty appropriate. Just saying.

    Paws crossed that your test results are good!

  5. I don't blame you one bit! That sounds like a very bad day. I hope your tests come back good.

  6. That sounds like a very bad day indeed! We hope you feel better now...or will feel that it was all worth it! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. MOL! We're sorry you had to go through all of that. We'll remember that move next time the mom does something like that to us.

  8. Our extremely Rude Mommy says that you are playing a sad sad song on your cello...she is an awful, horrible woman.

  9. OH NO!!!! Well then, that is deserved and I hope the pawparazzi didn't follow you up to the kitteh loft!