Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yo, Ceiling Cat

Dude - you are a dude, right? always got the impression you were - we need to talk. This is the second time you've ratted me out, you do realize, I hope.

This has to stop! See, I have another UTI. Mom discovered this morning that there was some pee that wasn't the right color in the turned down plastic liner. Same way she discovered my first one, last fall. Normally the plastic stays put.

She's convinced that you made sure she knew that I had a problem both times. Ok, so this time is a bit better... she was able to go to the Stabby Place lady and get some medicine for me without dragging me out into the 14 degree morning. Mom tells me that is plenty cold, and nobody wants to go out in that, much less a noble and dignified but short furred mancat. But still, I have to get those pills shoved down my throat! AGAIN!!

(Mom says I have to have full disclosure and admit that the pills are in Pill Pockets. But I don't like them, and they still have to be coaxed down my throat. Same difference, if you ask me. Also, these are a different brand and shouldn't make my tummy unhappy.)


  1. Honestly, Toby, I'm glad your human discovered your UTI and that you're getting help! Binga hates taking meds too - she even stopped eating the pill pockets. She is making the humans crazy with her Pepcid refusals!

  2. Toby, is it actually a UTI--in other words, bacterial infection--or is it cystitis?

    Derry has had really good luck with's UTI-Free; he's been on it for about 4 years now, gets a pinch twice a day in his canned food. It must do something, because when we tried to decrease that to once a day, within a week he was peeing more frequently (not normal for him) again. It might be something to look into; we think the US Amazon site sells it, though our Canadian one doesn't.

    Whatever you do, lots of healing purrs!

    1. In Oct it was bacterial. No signs of crystals. I'm assuming it's the same thing now. Just too cold to take him outside right now.

  3. Got ratted out again, huh? But maybe it's kinda for the best 'cause UTIs are never comfy. Best to get all better, right away.


    PS. Pill pockets don't work with me. With everyone else in my fur-fam, Peep #1 hides the pill in a pill pocket which she then hides in some of the fanciest of the feasts. I eat the food AND the pill pocket and leave the pill sittin' on the dish. Luckily for the peep, I'm pretty cooperative at straight pillin'. purrs

  4. Poor baby. We're sorry you are sick again, but hope you will soon be well.

    Around 9 or 10 this morning, Jan heard the guy on the radio say, "It's warmed up a bit. It's 16 degrees now." So we are thrilled you didn't have to go out in 14 degrees. Brrrrr. Stay warm!

  5. Bummer but at least you didn't have to go out in the cold. We hope the new meds fix you up quickly.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We're so glad you didn't have to go out in the colds!
    Hope the medicine is over quickly and you are as right as rain in no time.
    We'll be purring for you.

  7. Oh Toby! We're sorry you have another UTI and have to take yucky pills. We hope this is the last time!

  8. I hope those pills soon make you feel better Toby, even though you don't like taking them.

  9. Sweetheart, I am reading backward so I know all is well now. xxoo