Saturday, January 10, 2015

Caturday Gurrl Kitteh Power!

My furriends, in looking over this blog I see it's pretty much been about Toby. All orange, all the time. I love him but now it needs to be about ME. I know I've been missed here.

So as a treat, I would like to show you this picture Mom took yesterday:

If you biggify you can see my very beautiful green eyes. And if you look very closely you can see how carefully I'm guarding my tail.

Tails are tricksy things. They can scamper off in a twitch of a whisker. Why do you think I'm always chasing it?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Caturday.

- Leia

PS: you haven't heard the last from me! There is more to come.


  1. Happy Caturday Leia. Nice job protecting your tail.

  2. Leia, you're just like me. I always feel like I'm being upstaged by an orange stripey cat and I think my tail has a mind of its own. ~Zoey

  3. HURRAH!!! A pretty ladycat, at last! Not that we mind seeing Toby, but...well, there ARE more boys here than girls!

  4. OH! You are gorgeous! SO glad you graced our Sunday with your beauty! xxooxx

  5. Wonderful job with the post, Leia! We enjoyed seeing you, and hearing from you, too. :)

  6. That's a GORGEOUS picture of you! Gotta see more of those, for sure.


    PS. I have THREE marmie brothers now so I know just how you feel. And that's not even includin' Mason who is, I think, cream but the peep calls her fur fawn but she's lookin' kinda marmie, to me. purrs

  7. Girlfriend, I know what you mean about that tail! I frequently keep my front feet right on mine when I'm sitting upright, because you just never know.