Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Befuddled on Tuesday (morning)

This morning about 4 am, I sat on the dressing table and woke Mom up. I was hungry, I had every right to let her know it, didn't I?

But sometimes the hoomins get so deeply asleep, they are kinda stupid when they are suddenly woken. Like today. Mom sits straight up, looks at the clock, points to it and demands of me "Do you know what time it is???"

Uh no, Mom, I don't. I'm a kitteh, I can't read a clock. (Leia claims to be able to but I think she's just being a Smarty McFurPants. It's not like I could prove her wrong, is it?)

Anyway, we did get our breakfast - eventually - followed by some loud catnipping and later, more demands of Mom of a mysterious nature. Just because I could.


  1. Humans are odd creatures, aren't they? Especially when they aren't fully awake yet!

  2. My mum pulls the quilt over her head if I wake her up at dark o' clock. I keep on until she gives in though.

  3. Well, Toby, I think I can read the clock, but that shouldn't matter. When you're hungry...your hungry. And if you wanna eat, your mom should get up and feed you. :)

  4. Next time, seize the moment and let her know the time is WELL PASSED for your breakfast! Next, our lesson will be to learn to change the time on the clock...