Saturday, May 16, 2015

Betrayal, Part Meux

How did I not seeing this coming? Furriends, Mom abducted me and took me to the Stabby Place, where I had to undergo my first ever dental. Horrible thing, all of it, I do NOT recommend it. It's not any fun at all. It was rather traumatic, but now that it's Caturday morning, I'm all back to normal.

I'm glad to report that I didn't need anything more than cleaning, and all my bloodwork was normal. Mom says they even checked thyroid? But that's ok too. Stabby Place lady just wanted to make sure my Skinny Supermodel weight wasn't the result of anything bad.

At least Mom spared me the humiliation of taking pictures of my ordeal. No lady likes to have the pawparrazzi record her less than stellar moments, does she? Besides, I didn't make any funny faces, I just looked sad and tired.

So, we're re-posting Toby's post-dental picture instead:


  1. Poor poor baby. I know I will have one before long. I understand there are two kinds of anesthesia. One makes you all terrible feeling when you go home. Staggering and sad and upsetting to the 'rents. The other is not as bad in long term effects. I will ask my favorite tech which is which again.

  2. Leia, dentals sound like NO fun! I will tell you something funny - a few years ago, Binga had a dental, and do you know how I know? The vet techs took photos! So I got to see her all passed out. MOL!

  3. Poor Leia, I feel for you. I hope your mom doesn't now try to brush your teeth. That's not only awful but very very scary!


    That is simply HORRIBLE, Leia. Inexcusable.

    However, the pic of Toby IS pretty funny...

  5. Oh Leia, we are so happy to hear that all went so well with your dental, that is a big relief...poor Toby!

  6. Oh poor baby, you had to go through such ordeal! But it's great your teeth are super clean and your blood work and thyroid check came out with good result.
    Good mom for not taking your pictures. But that photo of Toby...priceless :-)

  7. Oh! That's some serious betrayal, for sure. And that's a pretty funny picture of Toby (sorry, Toby)! :)

  8. Oh I hope you are OK by now!! Yes, we ARE late for last week but try to visit everyone. Harvey's ear surgery didn't help ;-)

    Silver, Miranda and Phoebe