Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Goodby, Nissy

Our good furriend Nerissa has passed on. We just read his brofur's post. We're glad to hear he will inherit the blog and keep us informed about how things are in Canada. Please go visit his family; we know they are heartbroken and would appreciate a kind meow. MOUSES!

We'd intended to do a blog post on this very soon; we just received the Rescued: The Story of Cats book from the last contest Nissy held. It will be even more treasured now, as a remembrance of a very fine feline.



  1. Everyone will miss sweet Nissy and his tales of his peeps.

  2. We are so sad to hear this news. :(

  3. We've been so sad around here. We will miss Nissy so much. :-(

  4. We're utterly heartbroken. We will love and miss Nissy always.