Monday, January 29, 2018

What Moms Don't Understand

My furriends, Mom is a good egg - and we both luff her, really - BUT sometimes.... !!

Do you see this... this.... THING??

She trots this guy out, and I am G O N E.
Just like that stupid burd mat.

It's simply not a trustworthy item.

Mom doesn't get this; she says it's not a vaccom, 
I've certainly never been chased with it, yet 
I absolutely refuse to be in the same room when it's doing its thing.

And since we have all wood floors, it comes out a lot.

Whatev, Mom. Just keep it far, far away from me.

PS: does this picture make my tail look big??


  1. Our mom keeps the hated broom in our bathroom! She says it's because we are messy with the litter. We say who cares? It doesn't bother us one bit.

  2. That thing doesn’t scare us too much but that evil rug sucking monster sure does!

  3. That is funny that you don't like the broom. Tallulah chases it like a toy. :)

  4. Hm. We have something like this here... but it doesn't seem to bother us!

  5. That thing looks fairly harmless to me, but it sure is good to be cautious! Your tail looks purrfect, Leia :-)

  6. my stars girl your tail looks FABulous ~~~~~~ and I wouldn't trust that...thing.....either....and I know vicious and it looks...vicious ~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y -^..*= ♥♥

  7. Phht. What DO Moms understand?!?! That shot makes your tail look beautiful and floofy, Leia! ~Bear Cat

  8. Flynn used to love the broom and would chase it and pounce on it.

  9. First of all Leia that photo makes your glorious tail look even more glorious if that is possible. for the broom and the dust pan. I purrsonally am not bother by them (I scurry like a mouse when I see the sucky monster). But I'm told the first family pet, Toto the mighty mini dachshund was absolutely 100% afraid of them. The peeps never ever figured it out either but you know we like what we like and we fear what we fear. I'm glad you found a safe place
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. First of all - no! Your tail looks totally perfect! It's a very proud tail!
    As per the broom -- you should try attacking it! Could be fun!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  11. Sweetie disappears when I bring out the broom too, Leia! And she's outside...what's that all about?!? Your floofy tail looks purrfect, honey child!

  12. Pretty Leia, I like that top pic of you. I HATE the vacuum. Anything is better than that to me, but I'll take your word that brooms are bad too. We don't have wood floors so I haven't had the displeasure. In my book, it's always smart to be scared first.


    p.s. Your tail looks glorious!

  13. What I want to know is why the dustpan is clinging to it. :D - Tom

  14. Every kitten I've ever fostered has attacked that thing. I think you are smart to stay away

  15. Your tail looks beautifully floofy.
    That broom thing-y looks suspicious. We think you are very smart to steer clear of it.
    Winston and Emily