Tuesday, January 16, 2018


This is my first post-dental portrait for our bloggie.

You know, when I first came home last Friday, it was kind of great. Mom was all about ME. She watched over me anxiously, making sure I didn't fall off furniture, that I ate, and snuggled with me, stuff like that. Lots of snuggles. I wasn't really good at that yet, but I did my best.
Every tiny meow I made, she was right there to make sure I was ok.

I was the KING!

And now? 4 days later?

That same woman keeps telling me I have a chicken leg!
Right where the IV was shoved in.

I swear, no respect. At all.  


  1. Maybe she doesn't respect you, but she totally loves you

  2. I don't know if its a Mom thing or a lady thing...
    But I am sure that she would snuggle and snorgle you at the drop of a hat!

  3. We don't know, Toby, but we think chicken leg might be a little better than what our mom calls that--poodle leg! We hope you're feeling better in any case!

    1. POODLE LEG! Mom and her coffee had better just move on. She's laughing too much.

  4. Toby...it DOES look like a chicken wing! But she'd better give you some extra sumfin, to make up for giggling at you.

  5. Oh Toby.... that is wrong on all levels...when one has surgery one should get at least a full week of respect.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. dood.....we haz NEVER....N we meen NEVER...hurd a werst thing said two a cat.... N what yur mom just said two ewe......

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  7. You are looking AWESOME, Toby! And don't worry about your leg -- the girl kit-cats totally dig guys with shaved spots. Makes them look tough! Seriously. Besides, it makes you look sort of lion-like!
    Trust me.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. LOL chicken leg! I guess you’ve recovered well enough for your mom to tease you :-)
    I think you look like wearing boots and that’s so cute!

  9. The shaved leg makes you look tough!! A man cat of mystery! Now go give your mom a good scratching to remind her you still need special treatment!

  10. You poor kitty. Maybe you cab start a style trend with the shaved leg.

  11. Chicken leg? She should think about it like you're wearing a cool and fashionable glove, Toby!

  12. You made my mommy about snort her coffee through her nose! She had just taken a slug and was about to toss it on down the hatch when she came to the picture of your (forgive us) chicken leg and the picture,

  13. NOOOoooo! Not the chicken leg comment! Moms everywhere, that isn't very nice. MOL!

  14. Aww ... anyone asks, you just tell them it's a battle scar!

  15. We think you look marvelous no matter what!
    Have a spectacular weekend...

    Noodle and crew