Thursday, January 25, 2018

We DID It!

We are Feline, and we are mighty - hear us purr!

We sat Mom down and very firmly instructed her it was time that the Burd rug WENT.
And she listened, furriends, how often does that happen??

This lovely new rug is our hall rug now, and the solid black went to the place where Burd was. 

Burd is now G - O - N - E!

However, being the gracious kittehs we are, we listened to her defense - she only turned down half of the rug to look at it, and swears she never saw the bad thing on it.

We've decided to accept this, since the offense has been remedied.

So this is one is for you, Codd Mother!


  1. Wow! We can't make our mom listen to anything we tell her!

  2. WoW! You got a great rug to be-fur!
    And NO BURDS!

  3. Great job! You are mighty and we hear you purr!
    And we know you've made Codd Mother very happy :-)

  4. Oh. My. Mouses. Are you serious? You had a talk with your peep and your peep actually listened? Boy-oh-boy, MY peep NEVER does that! Listen, I mean. I'm beginnin' to think this isn't so much a peep problem as it is a MY peep problem. You think I have a defective peep? purrs

  5. Well done kitties, making your peep listen to you.

  6. I just noticed that your header now says, Toby 1Fang! How are you doing, Toby? We never noticed anything with that mat, so it's good that you two put your paws down!

    1. Thanks for asking! My $1,300 mouth is in great shape. My tummy, not so much. The vet says I probably have IBS.

  7. Oh bravo Toby and Leia...for sure we know who is at the top of your house hold totem pole and how really rules the roost.
    And anyway why would any sane purrson want a burd rug?

    Dang Toby you got good choppers and now you cant eat so good.
    Maybe your tummy is getting over the anesthesia etc and it will get on track soon
    Hugs madi your bfff


    EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you ever so much leia and toby; your kindness shall not go unnoticed....I daresay the new
    rug is MUCH more stylish and you both look FABulous guarding it ! ☺☺♥♥ hugs ~~~~~~ the codd mother =^..*=

  9. Who could say 'no' to those faces?!?! Not I! The only good kinds of birds are the ones on your plate in gravy ;)

  10. Phew! Humans can be a bit thick, but they can be taught if you have patience..

  11. Oh BOTH of you...Codd Mother is proud! I am proud! All is well with the world.
    Kate Isabellaroni

  12. Bravo! Bravo! We're totally impressed, Toby and Leia. Good job on making Mom get rid of that BURD rug!