Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday, Monday

Mom was watching me make biscuits this morning. She gets such a kick out of my tiny paws at work, so I made a few extra just for her. Got to keep the pawrents happy.

I was all alone most of Friday. Mom and I discussed that, and we decided that I wasn't
all that happy being alone for so long. I mean, it is nice to have some alone time,
but it was maybe a few too many hours.

Mom was also very surprised that I didn't flip out when Toby came home, smelling all funky.
I kind of didn't know what to do with him, but I was a good girl about it all.

Speaking of, he's doing pretty well. Sounds like himself now; his voice got very odd, fur sure. Sounded like a motoboat. Or so she says, I wouldn't know, myself. Her biggest challenge now is getting him his meds without handling his mouth too much; he lost the other bottom canine so that's tricky.

We didn't post a face pic last week because the night he came home, he just looked absolutely pitiful. All swollen and wonky and hazy-eyed, that bottom lip sticking out. So he was spared that indignity. Mom may never recover though.


Another PetSmart tidbit. I was there yesterday in line, right behind a man with a large mixed breed. About 80 lbs, and I'd say it was a mastiff mix, but that's just a guess. And unfixed - and it showed. He was extremely aggressive with every dog he saw, which was mostly tiny dogs (a tragedy in the making). The man couldn't really control him either. The dog had something wrapped around his muzzle but I guarantee he could have broken that if he wanted to. I actually backed up to make sure that dog didn't touch ME when he was moving around - I didn't want him to think I was a threat. 

Rare to see a dog that openly aggressive at the pet store. People, FIX YOUR FURRY ONES.
We do NOT need that dog breeding.


  1. Leia, I'm sure you were happy when your mom and Toby came home on Friday, and you sure were good not to give poor Toby a hard time! Annie also likes to make biscuits. It's good to hear Toby is doing better. Giving him his meds sounds like a challenge with his mouth.

    That is a sad shame about that dog. It's hard to understand why, especially in this day and age, people still don't fix their pets!

  2. Leia I know you are glad to have Toby home and not smelling too funky or sounding to odd.
    I've been taking my meds in Gerber's plain turkey, beef or chicken. No chewing required. I just lap it up.

    Oh do we agree with you on fixing your furry ones for many reasons. I'm a tad surprised the staff at PetSmart didn't address the aggressiveness of the big dog.
    Hugs madi and mom

  3. Sending purrs and hugs to Toby; he's gonna have a bit of an ouchie for awhile, I fear. If only there was a animal control officer at that store, to have a nice chat with the gentleman about fixing his dog, maybe even hand out a 'free neuter' coupon!

  4. Dear sweet Toby, we're sending purrs and Mom's sending kisses. Yes, man with big, aggressive, unneutered dog, neutering can be your friend and we'll all love you for it.

  5. I'm glad Toby is feeling better! My human hates seeing unneutered, aggressive dogs - they are dangerous to other people's pets, and possibly other people too! I think that unneutered adult male pets should not be allowed in pet stores at all. They're the main reason my human watches like a hawk when we are shopping together.

  6. So glad to hear TOby doing well! And I agree with you -- in this day and age there's just no reason (unless pro breeder) to have a pet that is not fixed!!

  7. That dog does sound awful. I am glad Leia was nice to Toby and that he is recovering. XO

  8. This is why Mom doesn't take us to stores. She is always afraid of running into someone like that!
    So glad Toby is starting to feel better; keep close watch over him, Leia!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  9. I am glad you were nice to Toby when he came home, Leia. When Eric had all his teeth out Flynn was horrible to him for 2 weeks. Poor Eric was so upset by it and couldn't understand it.

  10. Glad to hear Toby is home and healin'. Dentals are NEVER fun, you know? purrs

  11. Leia, you are such a little sweetheart to treat Toby so nicely and not hiss at him. It will probably take a little time for him to get back to his old self.

    And about that dog: our mom does not like the oblivious giant dog owners who frequent PetsMart with their giant dogs, intact or not.

  12. Leia, we’re glad you’re being nice to Toby. After all, he’s been through a lot. And honestly, we don’t know what that guy was thinking bringing a dog like that into PetSmart.

  13. Mommy always said that just because the sign says pets are welcome does NOT compel you to HAVE to bring your giant dogs and mastiffs inside. You could just leave them home or in the car. They aren't human and would not take offense. Toby, much live precious boy. Leia, what a good girl you are.

  14. We're glad things are almost back to normal around there. We've been thinking of all of you. Every so often, I hear a cluster of stories of unaltered pets - and I'm amazed that in this day and age people are still that stupid. Makes me irate every time. And we all know it's the pet (or her offspring) that suffer due to the "owner's" ignorance.

  15. Oh I know your biscuit making made your mom really happy :-)You are such a good girl to have stayed cool when Toby came back from the vet. Glad he is doing well. xo