Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Caturday

We're helping Mom make the bed.

Exactly - it's a group effort, as you can plainly see~

Today we are going to talk about the Chewy item we DID like
a whole lot -

These Halo chicken freeze dried treats

Good for kittehs or woofies, these can be used as a stand alone treat or a foodables topper.
For kittehs, it's better to tear them apart a bit. 
Mom just crumbles them when she's using it as a topper.

They get 3.5 paws up from us!

Enjoy your weekend, furriends.

Disclaimer: The treats were free from Chewy to review, but the opinions are strictly ours.


  1. guys, do you all eat them crunchy and dry? Admiral tried some years idea the brand then...she loved them. Mom gave me some too ( no idea the brand) about 6 years ago and I turned my velvet nosey up.

  2. Toby and Leia, you are awesome helpers. A bed has never looked better! :)

    Those Halo freeze dried treats sound pretty tasty.

  3. You are such good helpers. I am glad your Chewy treats were good too :)

  4. Bed making requires lots of inspections...from the Wrinkle-meister...aka Madi

  5. Bed making is hard! BTW, I love those Chewy treats too! I Instagrammed about them.

  6. Glad you liked the treats. You are both good helpers at making the bed.

  7. OMC! We love those Halo treats too!

  8. Yeah, that's pretty much how I help mom make their bed, too!

  9. After I showed the housekeeper the best way to make the bed, she's on her own. I have enough on my plate to snoopervise, let me tell you!! - Tom x