Sunday, May 27, 2018

It's a Wild Life Sunday

You know, we are off duty today, so we gave mom purrmission to talk about local wildlife.

If you are a bird lover - sorry, Trout Town Tabbies! - this red hawk is for you.
We know the mom over at Army of Four LOVES her birdies.

This guy lives on or near our street. Last year I'm certain there was a hawk's nest in the big tree over our house. May still be there for all I know. The other day he was on a stop sign, I disturbed him as I drove by, so he relocated himself. Right across from my house. 

And now for the wildlife IN my house. Stop now if lizards squick you out.

I *think* he's an albino Gecko. Closest I can find on Google.

For some reason lizards like coming into my house. I saw him the other day in my laundry room, so I thought maybe he came in through the dryer vent that connects to the outside? I blocked off the door bottom so he couldn't escape but turns out, if he did come in through the vent, he didn't or couldn't exit that way.

By the way, that is dryer lint he's holding on to so fiercely.
I actually did try to remove it but he for sure wasn't letting go. 

I was able to scoop him up in a towel - this worked last time when my fierce huntress Leia carried her prize into the bedroom - and tossed him outside. And discovered that he is unable to use his back legs, either of them. Broken or fused or whatever, they just aren't moving. He's still fast enough though, and clearly he's been eating something. But I doubt he has a long life out there, in the wilds of my yard, with those legs. I *almost* kinda feel sorry for him, but he's on his own.

I really wish all life, aside from my cats, would stay OUTSIDE.


We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day;
but also, please remember those who gave to make this day a reality.

- The Whiskeratti Gang


  1. We agree--we'd rather have them outside than in. Poor guy, though. Maybe he was gathering nest materials? (We have no idea how geckos live.) Or MAYBE...his name is Izzy and he will eat ANYTHING. A N Y T H I N G.

  2. That’s some interesting wildlife. We don’t have those around here, though we do have other kinds of hawks...but no geckos.

  3. I am glad there are less creatures in New England :)

    1. That's the thing about Florida.. lots and lots of life of all kinds here.

  4. That hawk is really cool, and that albino gecko, too! We're sorry about that little guy's back legs not working, though.

    Toby and Leia, you two look like you're enjoying your day off, for sure!


  5. I brt that Red Hawk would LOVE to make a light lunch out of the albino lizard!

  6. Ohhhh I know Mags and Cams are howling their approval.
    OMCs an albino Gecko OMCs that is just a most amazing sighting. I agree with his legs and lack of camo he might not make it too long.
    Hugs madi and mom

  7. OH the poor guy--- but you tried. Never saw an albino one.

    I love hawks. MY whole family do. I know...I know...but hawks gotta eat too. XXXXX

  8. How is it that you two have the day off, anyhow?

  9. Oh my, that gecko looks huge! Sorry to hear about his legs. I do hope they will heal and he’ll live long. I don’t think I’ve seen a red hawk. He is beautiful!

  10. Your wild life is very interesting ! We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day ! Purrs

  11. we haz been offline fora few N wanted ta stop bye N say hi....then ....we reeded thiz post ~~~~~~~~~~~~


  12. It's so much easier to kill the wildlife in one's home ... but I'm glad you're like me and spend your efforts to "rescue" them. Red hawks are beautiful!

  13. WOW, our mom LOVES your hawk! And that lizard is mighty cool. We hope he's OK.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher