Saturday, May 19, 2018

It's Caturday - with Royal Wedding Bells!

And today, an American became a Princess! 

(ok, yes, we've read all about the naming conventions, don't care,
it's Princess Meghan as far as we are concerned!)

While not especially a fan of Princess M. (never seen her acting work
though she seems like a nice person),
Mom IS still a big admirer of Princess Diana, and has followed her sons' lives.
Princess Kate is awesome too, and we wish all four of them,
with their assorted children and those to be, the happiest and most blessed of lives.

In more local news...

Mom has enhanced the (formerly) dining table napping options for us.

I look kind of funny here, don't I? This is what happens when you
get ear meds every freakin' day.

Very hard on the furs.

Mom got the meow from Next that a group is doing
Trap, Neuter & Release in our neighborhood next week!
They are asking that those of us who feed strays, to not feed on the 23rd.

Hopefully this will include the one that comes around here. It's possible he/she already got gotted, since Mom noticed that he didn't eat for about two days last week, which is very unusual.
It's also heartening to know that other people around here feed those in need.

And lastly, we have very sad news to share: 

We are very, very sad for him and his. 
We hope his furry ones take good care of him right now.


  1. Seriously, your wedding dress and bow are just too darn cute! I watched most of it; really enjoyed the music!

  2. It was a really nice wedding and we wish the newlyweds much happiness. Purrs for a very successful TNR!

  3. I am glad that someone is going to TNR in your area. My thoughts and prayers are with Mark and his family, so sad.

  4. Hope Harry and Meghan will be very happy!

  5. That is great news that people are doing TNR in your neighborhood! We too read about TBT's niece - so sad. :-(

    P.S. I could have totally rocked that wedding dress! They should have hired me as the model.

  6. It’s great there will be TNR in your neighborhood.
    Your (formerly) dining table is looking very comfy :-)

  7. We applaud people who to TNR. It's a tough job, but one that helps kitties so much. Thank you!

  8. That was such a nice wedding. Toby, we don't think you look funny, but those ear meds sounds like a pain, for sure. Are they helping?

    Paws crossed for a successful TNR!

    We will go and read about Mark now. Thank you for letting us know.

  9. You look cute in your dress. I hope they have a happy life together. That is good news about the TNR.

  10. Mom enjoyed the wedding too....she was a huge fan of Diana and the princes. We have never heard of Meghan until she started dating Harry. It was a lovely ceremony.
    Heading over to the link you provided now.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. That's when we heard about her. So it's funny when the press refers to her as a major celebrity. I mean, she is NOW, of course, but not then.

    2. right you are. Until Prince Harry noticed her she was pretty much unknown I think.

  11. We're glad your ear meds are helping, Toby. It will be done soon, we're sure!

  12. What a lovely dress ! It was a nice wedding, we watched the highlights on TV. Paws up for TNR ! Purrs

  13. That dress is FABULOUS! I love the details...that it's white and the bow...all of it! I am on Next Door too but I haven't gotten anything from them in forever. I am VERY happy that the TNR group is there and that word was passed out not to feed them those days. I wonder of your newest visitor has been neutered?

  14. You look absolutely lovely.
    You are giving Megan a run for her money...

    Noodle and crew

  15. What a lovely wedding dress. I'm not sure I would wear it though...After all I am a guy. And Toby, sorry about the ears...poor Kozmo had gunky ears for a long time and he looked like a flower in his yellow cone.

  16. You look VERY comfy up there. I should ask my mom about turning our dining room table into a nice bed for me and Cam!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  17. That's GREAT news 'bout the TNRin' goin' on next week. Great news 'bout the enhanced nappin' options on your former dinin' table, too. purrs

  18. Yippee for TNR! Beautiful gown, perhaps to go on that beautiful dining table?

  19. adorable dress :)

    I watched her on Suits.. it was funny because her last episode was her character getting married and she left the show because she was getting married..

  20. my stars girl you look FABulous ~~~~~~~~ I daresay your dress is divine ~~~~~~♥♥♥

    dood...sorree to lurn de ear medz stuffz still goin on :( hope full lee knot for much longer ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  21. Not everyone could carry off a white wedding dress so well!!