Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mom Day Sunday

Mom, we have a gift for you in honor of the day.

For all the noms fed, all the facilities scooped,
all the 4 am barfing, the 3 am demands to eat NOW,
Toby's whapping you in the face,
all the Stabby Place visits, that one time Leia bit you on accident,
all the sweeping up of shed furs, not to mention the endless hairballs,

We present this:

Peace in the valley. 

Also, Toby let you see him licking my ears.
Just a cherry on the cake for you.

You're welcome.

- your furry kids


  1. Nice gift to you mom ! Happy Mother's Day ! Purrs

  2. Happy Mother's Day! that is a very thoughtful gift for your mom.

  3. Happy Happy Mother's Day to your Mom. You both made it memorable. I wish I had done that for my mom but of course there is just me here. She sure gets the 4 am horking, the whapping in the night to wake her..and jumping on her belly. That's good enough, right?

  4. Kids, that's probably the best Mother's Day gift your mom has ever gotten!

  5. Wow, you two gave your mom the best Mother's Day Gift ever, Toby and Leia! Happy Mother's Day to her!

  6. You two did good for your human today!

  7. Happy Mother's Day
    Have a wonderful day
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. best mom's day gift ever!!! It's nice to have grateful cats!

  9. MOL MOL MOL peace in the valley that is just we want a picture of Toby licking your ears Leia.
    So sweet
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. Awww what a sweet photo of you two! Great gift for your wonderful mom! Happy Mother’s Day xo

  11. So adorable! Moms really are pretty cool, huh?