Thursday, May 3, 2018

Finally Friday - Housekeeping Notes

Dear Housekeeper,

Regretfully, Leia and I are putting you on a PIP (Purrformance Improvement Plan)
for the tardy, and extremely noisy, way you prepare our meals.

Yes, we do understand that the floor doesn't sweep itself of dried foodables bits.

And that plates have to be cleaned before new wet foods can be put on them.

And, yes, we certainly do understand that this requires such things as running water, popping tops, and the more than occasional banging into things while you are working on the buffet for us.

Still. It all takes too long and when we wanna eat, we wanna eat NOW, lady. We don't want to hear excuse after excuse about why we can't.

Oh, and I DON'T luff it when you trip over me, Toby, either. Just thought I'd mention that while we are at it. Doesn't matter that I am RIGHT THERE, constantly, supervising every moment of the process.

If you don't improve in a timely manner, we will have to take steps.

we aren't quite sure what steps those will be but steps WILL be taken.

- Sincerely,
 Toby and Leia


  1. OMC, we feel your pain, kids! The exact same thing happens here, too. Izzy gets practically stepped on while trying to guide Mom, and Caroline gets told "Whining is going to make me get this food out even slower." It's pathetic.

    We ALL need to go on strike!

  2. Our dinner is always late. And my human doesn't even do most of those things.

  3. Looks like you need to put your paw down and get your Housekeeper more organised to your satisfaction.

  4. LOL I sure hope your mom will take steps to improve!
    My boys don't like when I trip over them, either :-)

  5. MOL MOL MOL Leia you have managed cracked the whip and crack us up all at the same time and even threatened issue demerits. Surely there will be quick improvement. PS any stepping on the kitties means quadruple demerits
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. Boy. IRON PAWS! You guys gottem!!!

  7. Hmmm... I'm thinkin' I should be puttin' Peep #1 on one of these PIPs, too. Like your housekeeper, Peep #1 is ALWAYS takin' WAY TOO LONG to get our meals prepared and although she doesn't usually trip over us, she has come super close, one too many times. And then do you know what she does? I'll TELL you what she does. She accuses US of bein' in the way. Can you believe it? MOUSES!

  8. thiz number 1 8000 pizza piez any time all de time everee time and on time N we guaranteez yur food trubullz will be solved...tell em de tabbies sended ya N getz a diz count on de furst 84,099 piez two :) ☺☺♥♥

  9. They mean business! Leia sure knows how be intimidating even though she's a tiny tabby!

  10. When my mom isn't preparing my meal quickly enough, I yell at her. Have you tried that? It might work.

    1. Oh yes, we have. It doesn't seem to rush her any though.

  11. Oh, to have such words for the mom and dad at feeding times! Seems they can never move at a pace to please me, the one around whom the world revolves here. Someday they'll learn...

  12. We have the same complaints for our mom. The service around this place stinks!

  13. Toby and Leia, we think this is a common problem with the food service humans.

  14. I think you really gave it to her, she will improve now.

  15. Those silly humans.
    We cats have to put up with so much!
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew