Friday, July 27, 2018

Freaky Froggie Finally Friday

Since Leia stole MY Monday, I'm taking HER Friday.

So there.

ha ha meow. It's alllllll MINE!

Except.... Mom wants me to show you her ride-along from yesterday:

She swears she wasn't two minutes in the gas station store,
came out and started to drive off, then realized, hey, I'm a Frog Taxi!

Not wanting him to get blown off and smooshed on the
55 MPH highway she was headed for,
she got out and used an umbrella to prod him along.

Live long and propagate, green being.

Hmm... I guess sharing my day with a freaky froggie is better than it being stolen by Leia.

A little.


The county came out and inspected the ditches, agreed that the entire section of my block needs a good clean out, and they will bring heavy equipment to take care of it. In a few months.

So this weekend, for funsies, I will be scraping out dead leaves and bagging them up.
I just can't wait for them to get out here.

Also, remember our post recently about the Taste of the Wild having big, big chunks?
I discovered that if I smoosh them into a pate, the cats will eat it just fine.

Happy Weekend, furriends and family!


  1. OH MY CATS....that froggie must have wanted to play leap frog with your Mom's car. I would love to know how he got up on the about a leap of faith.

    I agree about the leaves I'd probably do a little racking myself just to be sure it is draining and not filling up the lot toward your car
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. Madi's Mom sent me here, I love frogs, and this one is so cute. we have a mom and dad like this one living in our rain barrel and all their tadpoles to

    1. Welcome! It's always fun to have new peeps stop by.

  3. Toby, at least your mom figured out to smash those big chunks into wee things that you want to eat! That frog on the window is hilarious. And to wait MONTHS for them to clean out the ditches...oh, brother!

  4. Good for you, Toby, for taking Friday from Leia! ..even though you had to share it with a little frog :-) I was praying mantis taxi once before. Unfortunately, I realized he was on my front window only after I was on highway driving at 70mph. Fortunately, he could stay there looking like inflatable air dancer until I could get off highway. He looked startled by the experience but walked away fine :-)

  5. OOoo, great tip on creating pate from the big chunks! Good catch, Toby. Only fair, right?

  6. Ooh! I'm definitely going to use this tip. The chunks in the Taste of the Wild food are too big for my cats. I even said that in today's review. Be thankful your Mom didn't kiss that frog ... no telling what magic and mischief might've followed ;)

  7. Well, he's kind of a cutie, we have to admit. You're still more handsome, though.

    Bummer about the ditch!

  8. Great shot of the frog! I'm so glad your mom got him safely off her moving car.

    That doesn't sound super fun about the dead leaves. That's good they're going to do a big cleaning. Too bad it's not sooner though.

  9. My human needs to remember that tip about smooshing chunks.

  10. That was a cute frog eyeballing your mom from the windscreen.

  11. Like Kermit the frog says, "It's not easy being green".
    But he's kinda cute...

    Noodle and crew

  12. That was sweet of your mom to save the frog.

  13. A Frog! On the windscreen!?! Now that is something that has NEVER EVER happened to my Mom!
    Good news about the ditches!

  14. Hiya Toby! That's nice of you to share your post with that little green dude. And Mom, good to know about squishing up that Taste of the Wild food -- it's all about the presentation, huh? :)

  15. Wow! A frog hitchhiker?!?! How cool is that?!?!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher