Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hi, fellow furry folks! We made it to Friday, so that makes mom happy.

So recently Toby made a big deal about his names, but I have a name story too!

Mom believes the naming of cats is VERY impawant. Originally, I was Dulcie.
pawse while I shudder at that happily brief memory

But it really didn't suit me. I mean, do I LOOK like a Dulcie to you?
No. No, I do not.

So, Mom went to work figuring out what name, in fact, I belonged to.
After consultations with Auntie Mary and much thought, the name Leia came to be.

And naturally, I am a Princess, so that part was easy. 
Just so we are clear, my name and title has
N O T H I N G to do with that other Princess Leia.

Happy Friday, and Caturday, to all.


  1. Your name suits you purrfectly, Leia.

  2. Your name is perfect just like you, says Brody. XO

  3. My human is terrible at coming up with names, so it is a good thing I had my name before I came home to her!

  4. Your name is purrfect for you, Leia! And you are way cuter than other Princess Leia :-)

  5. Your name is perfect. And we have no idea who that other PL is. :-)

    We all had different names too, many times foisted on us by well meaning shelter workers. We all told our mom what our true names are and thank cod she listened. (Caroline's shelter name was 'Sinatra' just because of her blue eyes. Can you IMAGINE that??)

  6. Oh yes, names are most should haf heard my peeps going on and on and on about what to call me and of course, like you, I am Princess Leah, only sadly my peeps managed to spell it all wrong, *sigh*
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Oh for sure Leia suits you to a teeeeeeee!
    I once heard mom tell someone it took longer to name me than it did my human sissy. MOLMOLMOL
    Thank goodness they came up with a name.....
    Hugs madi your bffff

  8. Names are VERY important Princess Leia! XXX It took all three of my brothers voting about MY name before it was given to me.

  9. The Hubby and I try to let each kitty name themselves; sometimes that works, and other times a name just pops into our heads! Maybe that's the cat naming themselves after all!

  10. Your Mom was right, Leia is a better name for you. It's actually fits the tiny tabby perfectly.

  11. This pic of you two together is sweet. Leia, I like your loaf and how you're looking at the camera. Your name is perfect for you, Princess Leia!

  12. You two are purrfect together
    And I love how you got your name Leia. Ninja was Dougie...
    He is happy that he got a new name too

  13. Leia suits you perfectly. Much better than Dulcie.

  14. Thank you for sharing about the origins of your name, Princess Leia. We think it fits you purrfectly!