Monday, July 23, 2018

Mancat Monday

Toby: Ha! As if! How can it be M M if Mom makes me share it with my sisfur?

Leia: Why yes, I do live life on the edge. How did you know?

Mom: Seriously, she was right there, not an inch to spare.

Toby: Grump. Fine, I'm gonna find some other place to sleep.
Clearly this one is TOO CROWDED!

and now for a PSA from Mom:

On Caturday we had an intense torrential downpour that lasted about 30 minutes.
I looked out the window and saw all this flooding, which I've never seen before here.
That space in the upper left hand corner is where the ditch is.
It's a pretty deep ditch, with a drainpipe. Not that you could tell from this.

I discovered when the rain stopped that one end was completely
clogged with leaves all the way to the top of the pipe. I had no idea. 

I'm still in awe of how FAST that water flooded. 
So yeah, peeps, check your ditches before your next hard rain is scheduled.


  1. Great advice about checking ditches, we haven't had rain for soooo long the ground is sooooo dry it'll take forever to soak up and major rainfall and flooding is a real possiblity
    And Toby, I'm sorry butt us Leah's are just allowed to do anythingy we want...that's right isn't it Leia?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. OMCs don't we kit kats just have the best places to sleep and I agree I don't like sharing either.

    My word that was torrential and scary. We once saw a parking lot behind the Physics Building at NCSU flood like that. It too had a clogged drain that no one knew about.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. We don't have culverts or ditches, but there are drains that can get covered up by leaves and debris up and down our streets. Lucky that we live on high ground too, although there is a river that winds through our community, and a huge flood-preventer called 'the spillway' that keeps us dry. Toby, you are adorable!

  4. We think you got the best spot, Toby. Let her have that bed. You got the soft blanket! We sure could use that rain here. We don't have ditches; the ground here soaks up most rain. It's been almost one hundred days since our last big rainstorm and we've just entered our dry months!

  5. Your bed looks much more comfy, Toby.
    We don't have any ditches here and are on high ground, but that is good advice for anyone that does have them.
    We haven't had any rain since the beginning of May which is very unusual for us.We are on track to be hotter and drier than 1976 which was a record breaker.

  6. Wow, that rain was crazy! We don't generally get rain like that here.

  7. guyz...we hope de rainz stayed outta yur houz.....thatz noe fun....for sure....frank lee we think mom kneadz ta go out N buyz each oh ewe yur own ree clinerz chair !! :) bee safe ~ ♥♥

  8. Toby, we're sorry you had to share the day with Leia. Maybe you can share her day...whenever that is.

  9. you sure look comfy!! Hope the rain does not keep up!!

  10. Girls will be girls, Toby. Good that no crocs came calling with that rain!

  11. How sweet of you to share your day Toby. XO

  12. Of course it’s too crowded now that a tiny Leia is occupying the edge. Lol but you found a very nice spot, Toby :-)
    Scary about the torrential rain. We better check the ditch here!

  13. Toby, I have to say that you ended up getting pretty comfy there!

    That rain is incredible!

  14. I don;t like those torrential downpours and boy we get those. Mom and I live on the highest point through. Leia...just like a mancat. Toby..I didn't say that~

  15. sister Jo Jo is like that too! And Yep - we have had some experience with flooding...
    Marv and Mom