Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Turtle Tuesday!

Yep, we are DARING to be rebels, and post this turtle selfie today, not on Sunday!
(in other words, we're being cats, doing just what we wanna do.)

Mom went to her own new Stabby Place today, and they had a fish tank with two turtles.
This lil guy wanted to get up close and purrsonal, so here he is.

Actually there are two turtles, he's just the small one.

Mom is a big turtle fan, herself.

Now back to the felines.

I was kind of bummed this weekend. There was an Event in the living room.
I was sitting looking out the window at the ebil introoder, the black kitteh Mom feeds,
just walking by cool as you please. In MY yard. I held it together, just a swishing tail,
but when I looked behind me to see if Mom was appreciating my coolness,
what did I see??

She was sitting with Leia in her chair, petting her!
Indignity in front of me and behind me.

So I found a quiet place where I could pull myself together
and contemplate the unfairness of life.

Mom said I was sulking, but what does SHE know??


  1. The indignity! We feel for you, bro. The same sort of stuff happens here too.

    We wonder if those turtles would make good playmates.

  2. Toby, you composed yourself quite well! We had something like that happen this morning: Da Boyz were at the back door, and The PO'M walked up as bold as brass! Really, what do they think they are doing?!?

  3. Ohhhhh Toby demerits might be in order and you know I'm just the kit kat to help with suggestions. Actually I kinda like the place you found to watch. Loooks comfy
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. It's a good spot, right in front of the glass door.

  4. Toby, good job keeping calm when the introoder was in your yard! Your mom should have praised you instead of petting Leia :-)
    Those turtles are very cute. Great turtle selfie!

  5. dood.....be glad ya saw de naybor dood N knot a bass terd burd oh sum kind coz then yur day wooda been like.....oh....em......cod.......

    N shame on mom for knot fishin sum oh that LUNCH BRAKE outta de tank N bringin it home ~~~~~~~~


  6. Toby, you just can't win sometimes, can you?

  7. WHAT?!?!?! Doesn't she know that YOU'RE the king and that you should come first in all affairs?!? She's lucky you responded with calm and good cheer ...

  8. I used to have 2 turtles just like that.

  9. Those two turtles look like they could be your best friend. We love to see turtles too. Glad you are keeping your cool when you saw the black kitty your mom feeds. Very nice job on your part. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  10. Your mom was totally slacking, Toby! She should have been praising you to no end for swishing your tail at that intruder.

    Hey, that turtle takes a pretty mean selfie!

  11. Those pictures of the turtles are great! The lady wishes her stabby place had turtles. It was neat to see them close up swimming around.

    Toby, your spot looks so comfy. I hope you were able to fully contemplate the unfairness of life and then maybe bestow a hairball on the carpet.

  12. Those turtles look very friendly. Toby, it's so unfair indeed ! Purrs

  13. Very sorry to hear Colehaus cats news and Brian's too--sad week!

  14. Love the turtles. That's my Client's nickname. Turtle. ..My client is my mom's grandson.