Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Caturday

Happy Caturday, furriends!

This is a flashback pic from our time in North Carolina.

A bit of Did You Know for today:
Mom loves to sing silly song snippets at us. 
One of her favs - the Monkees' theme song.

"hey hey we're the Monkees, people say we monkey around,
but we're too busy singing, to put anybody down" ****

for any of you younger peeps who don't know it.

Also, the sticky lil peeps' song, Pop Goes the Weasel.
All we can say is, as often as we're forced to listen,
it's a good thing no real weasels are a poppin', cuz that would be.... a really huge mess!

Yes, this is our life. Mouses!

**** we just realized, that this is a really good thing to practice, especially in our current climate.


  1. My human isn't a singer-type human, which is probably good as she has been known to be pretty bad at it. What Elaine from Seinfeld did for dancing, she can do for singing.

  2. Hey hey we are the mom will hum that all day.
    How about I had a little monkey his name was tiny tim
    he ate up all the soap and drank all the my little
    monkey had bubbbbles in his throat.
    Hugs madi and the crazy one

  3. Leia, how lovely you look in that flashback. Toby, you look very relaxed. The lady loved the Monkees when she was young. That was very good insight about those words! There's a very good chance the lady will singing that today.

    1. Yeah, we kinda planted an earworm today, didn't we?

  4. Happy Caturday to you also. We love to sing here at the office. I bet you love to hear your mom sing. I hope she starts singing more newer songs to you, but we know the oldies are always the best. Thanks for the share. Have a great rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  5. Awww such a cute flashback photo of Leia! And handsome Toby :-) I sing for my kitties, too :-)
    Happy Caturday!

  6. Our mom sings us silly songs too. Most of them she makes up as she goes. She can be really strange sometimes.

  7. Don't you just love it when they think they're good and they really aren't at all?
    It's so cute.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  8. MOL! Sometimes our mom will sing that, only she sings it to reflect a misprint in a long-ago TV Guide (Hey hey we're the Moncees..."). Sometimes she will sing it like Nick the Lounge Singer (the old SNL Bill Murray character). Now THAT'S really embarrassing!

  9. Please don't get our mom singing. PLEASE!!!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: Our mom knows that Monkees song very well. That and all the other Monkees songs.

  10. Leia, that's a nice flashback selfie of you. And Toby, we agree ... that's a really good thing to be doing during these hot and sticky summer months.

    P.S. Our parents sing to us, too. Sheesh!

  11. I love what you said there at the end. XXXX

  12. Hmmm, reminds me of dad and his wandering around singing to his heart's content.

  13. Oh, I know EVERY WORD TO EVERY SONG that The Monkees sang! "Last Train To Clarksville" is a good one too!

  14. My brother used to play that song all the time when he discovered that band!! Love it!

  15. We might like a weasel to pop around our house, but you can keep the monkees.

    Thank you for your kinds words today over our loss of sweet Sunny. We very much appreciate them, take comfort with them, and know that Sunny's spirit does as well.

  16. MOL, TBT sings songs all the time in the house. And he doesn't use the original words. He just makes up silly songs to real tunes.

  17. You both look great, nice flashback. I sing to my cats too, it is probably considered abuse with my voice.