Wednesday, January 8, 2020


All of my roommates left for Wisconsin this week. The house is completely empty except for my room. I will also leave for my new place next weekend. Coming home to a place devoid of furry people, once again, was really hard. Here a few pics and some stories to wrap up my time with them. 

I really love this pic. Mattise had just come home from his dental and
wasn't really sure what planet he was on. 

Sarah, my girl!, had her tail stepped on by Tombo the night before they left.
He didn't mean to, he just wanted to join the group chat in my room, and misstepped.
Sadly she took a hard swipe and caught him right across the eyeball. He seems to be ok though.

I sent him off with this bed that I got him. He needs all the plush he can get for those old bones.
To the very end, he spent most of his time in my room.

Princess Raji. I miss them all, but I worry about her the most. She's the most fragile. 
Since Oliver has been gone, her purrsonality has been emerging, but this sudden change,
and that 16 hour drive, could cause health problems to crop up. 
She's already endured one long mystery illness.

I did get to see her rolling around on the kitchen floor this week - wow, she has a big tummy!



  1. We hope all those kidlets make it to their new home safe and sound. You too, in fact. We look forward to your next adventure!

  2. Aww, we're very sorry. Transitions are really difficult, and we are sorry that you had to part with your beloved furry roommates. Purrs and love to you, our friend.

  3. How sad - your time with these guys was just too short! Paws crossed for a more stable situation!

  4. This is so sad even though you knew it had to happen. I am glad your room mates were able to give you companionship and love. I hope their journey was safe and they settle in well to their home. I hope you also are able to settle in well in your new home, and maybe get a little furry companion of your own.

  5. I echo all the comments. Life changes can be so challenging and for some of us (me!) it can be hard to roll with them. I hope that everyone will be well and that you, too, will settle into your new home. And yes, a fur companion at some point would be lovely. It's amazing, the difference they make in our lives. Hugs.

  6. Here's hoping that whatever new adventures lay ahead for all of you, are much more enjoyable than you can anticipate!

  7. Aw it’s sad to say good bye. I hope your furry friends will get through the long drive without any issue, and that they settle in their new home quickly. And I hope your move will go smoothly as well. xo

  8. oh I 100% positive you are missing these precious little paws pitter pattering on the floor. I'm happy to read you have found a new home.
    Good luck with the move
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. How bittersweet. We hope they will do great in their new home...and we hope you do great in yours too.

  10. My friend...I know how you will miss those companions and I hope hope hope they all make the trip alright and that you are told how the trip went. Please share of you do. Somehow I missed that you have another place? Is it where you are?

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