Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Other Roommate

This is Brekke, about 60 lbs, 8 years old. She's a rescue from terrible circumstances.

She is pleased to meet everyone but will have you know she is NOT a dog, she is a people.
And deserving of people's rights and privileges. Brekke is also an escape artist. Yesterday she made a hole in the fence and went exploring solo.... until a car hit her.

Blessedly the driver stopped and did what she could until help arrived. That purple collar has her name and human's phone number so she was returned quickly. Injuries seem minor, mostly on her head. Cut skin, brusing and some swelling. She's going to the vet this morning.

I have explained to her that this is not people behavior but she remains unimpressed, though will admit to a headache.

Syl has discovered my stepladder, which she is passionate about.

Happy Tuesday, folks.

Also, the current temp here at 6:42 am is oh h@@@ no!


  1. Oh Brekke, that is definitely not human behaviour! Don't do it again, you may not get away with it next time. I hope the vet visit goes well.
    Syl is sweet and making sure you don't lack company.

  2. Brekke, I am so stry. Please let us know how you are tomorrow? And what the Vet said. I am so happy the person how had the accident with you stopped and rendered aid. XXXX

  3. Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry about Brekke! I hope she checks out okay at the vet.

    Syl is beautiful, what a sweetie.

  4. Paws together that Brekke will be okay!
    Syl is simply adorable; glad she's taken with you.
    And I agree 1,000% on the outside temps...egads...

  5. Oh my gosh, how scary. I'm glad it seems Brekke was not seriously injured. I hope the visit to the vet will go well.
    Sly is so pretty and looks quite comfy on your stepladder :-)

  6. OMC!. Breaker sounds like she is a handful!

  7. Poor Brekke. I hope she will be OK. Syl is beautiful. XO

  8. We hope Brekke is okay. We're digging all your roommates!

  9. We hope Brekke is recuperating well. Syl seems to like her new roomie! ;-)

  10. Oh dear me I hope Brekke is ok...
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Brekke, we are glad to meet you and hope that you are going to be doing much better soon. Syl, we love that you found the stepladder for yourself. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  12. Poor Brekke! WE sure hope she will be okay. :(

  13. Purrs to Brekke. Cheers to Syl for finding the stepladder. We LIKE stepladders too.