Saturday, January 11, 2020

Oh, Meghan

The herd made it safely to WI. Raji didn't eat for the two day trip - during her mystery illness I'm told she didn't eat for eight days! - and all are doing well. 

And now, since I have no more cat or dog stories, I'm going to talk about M & H.

I was an admirer of Princess Diana, so I've followed her sons when they appeared in the news.

I like Duchess Kate; she's doing all she can to become a proper Queen (whatever her title ends up being). She wasn't born to the nobility but understood that her life would change dramatically. I respect William for doing all he could to prepare her for the realities of royalty.

But H & M.... !!

1. Massive, massive disrespect to the Queen. If anyone understands what it costs to be a proper royal and adhere to duty, this woman does. She deserved better than what her grandson did.

2. It boggles my mind how little time M has actually spent doing royal things. If you deduct the honeymoon, her maternity leave and holidays, it's maybe been.... a year? I think when she wasn't able to instantly reinvent the royal family to her liking, she began planning.

3. I was on the fence until now about her. But I've read too many stories accusing her of being a social climber, and ditching friends who couldn't help her climb, to be able to ignore them at this point.

4. They want to have fame and fortune on their terms, when and as they want it. Sorry, kids, fame - and life - does not work that way. Whatever you choose, there is a price.

5. Family - on the small scale, not THE Family. I hate to say M has encouraged and possibly created this wedge between H and his family but.... if the tiara fits. And I think fairly soon, once the novelty wears off, he's going to regret this big time - and resent her. I also read today that though Harry is staying in London to work out details with The Family, she's gone back to Canada. Nice partnership.

People should be able to have the life they want, if they can; I don't begrudge them that. But this could have been done in a much more respectful and private manner. Seriously, she's 93, did they really have to be this way about it all?

However, I don't think it will end well.
Far too many complex issues, citizenship and taxes, family and security realities,
marital and children problems.

It all takes its toll. I think at heart, Harry has been mad at the world since his mother died - I can't blame him - and M showed him what he thought was a way out. For her there is no downside.
For him, I think the cost will be far higher than he realizes.

(I'm not even touching the "work towards financial independence"
for people who have a combined estimate personal worth of $36 million)


  1. I saw a meme today, with Harry with his arm around Yoko. I just about spit my tea at the computer screen!

  2. I am a fan of Kate's, but not the other. I do find her disrespectful of the Queen. Queen or not, anyone that old should be treated with more respect.

  3. Glad to hear your former roomies are doing well in their new place. As for H and M, the whole thing is sad. Even more so because it's playing out in public. :(

  4. It is always such a relief when folks get to where they were headed. Shame that doesnt apply to the young couple.

  5. I agree with every single word you have said. The loss of his mother at an early age has understandably damaged him. She has worked on that for her own ends.
    She thought she could change the Monarchy to her way but that is never going to happen.
    She is a selfish spoilt woman and is now dragging Harry down with her.

    1. Man, you, Jackie and you, Whiskeratti, have nailed it, or at least that's my opinion too. I'll put it that way. Eventually H will live to regret this affront and assault in the Family.

  6. I'm glad the fur gang are doing well!

    All I can think, re: the latest from across the pond, is that gees, talk about family dysfunction. I'm not fond of M, but then, I don't really follow the goings-on, either. This is hard to ignore, though. What I think is especially sad is the rift between brothers, but of course it's for them to sort that out. I can imagine that if they don't, H might regret that most of all. I wonder what Diana would think of this...

  7. Oh boy do I agree 100000%. M is an actress. If the last 18 months had been a movie she would win an Academy Award. M has been around the block a few times, H is worldly but not of the same world as M.

    I was watching an 2016 Hallmark movie last night. There was a line in it that hit this saga on the head. There two actors dating guy breaks up with the gal, she said "you said you loved me, his reply was I'm a actor"!!

    Princess Di would be spitting mad if she were here, alas this would probably have never happened.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Yep, seeing her sons so badly estranged would break her heart.

  8. I’m glad your friends made it safely. How worrying Raji didn’t eat during the trip but glad all is well now. Regarding the royal family, I agree with you that they could work out in more private and respectful manner.

  9. I don’t know what to think about Meghan and Harry. I know with Harry losing his mother has affected him deeply and I’m sure he doesn’t want the paparazzis hurting his family in any way. But this all could have, should have been handled differently.

  10. We are US cats. We wouldn't trade a single mousie for all the British royalty. The crown jewels however... We would take one of those. Nip and new Rattley Mousies Forever!

  11. I know isn't that ridiculous!?! Like it's going to be tough to be financially independent!! PLEASE

  12. As a child of parents who had expectations of me that I could never satisfy, it's great to finally stop running after approval and just live one's own life. At the same time, I have an eye for manipulative people and the tiara fits as you say. I wonder if she resents Kate - always having to be in her shadow - especially because Kate seems so perfect. At the end of the day, it's still entirely possible that Harry is trying to save his mother by proxy.

    1. I have no doubt she resents Kate. She will always be more important than M. But Kate suffered a lot too, in the early years.

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