Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happy Caturday

We didn't intend to post today but Mom got VERY excited about a purchase this morning, so we decided to be gracious and do it anyway.

She found this at Petsmart, clearance, $15.99, regular $42.99.
She loves a bargain with a deep passion, so she snagged this (the last one).
 It's actually for long hairs, but trust us, that didn't stop her at all.

My fur is thick and plush, and yes, hairballs are... well... a ladycat doesn't yak and tell.
So I lounged here and enjoyed a long salon session with my stylist. 

Mom! You pulled off enough furs to make Leia her very own Mini-Me!
Oh, wait..... do we really want that?!

I got my turn too.

I kind of enjoyed it. My fur is really nothing like Leia's.
And my hindquarters are very sensitive with my arthritis,
so Mom was extremely careful with me.

Happy Caturday!


  1. Mommy was thinking' that's why I seem sensitive to the touch on my hindquarters. Not really badly but some drawing up of the skin when mom brushes or pets. You look like this is the best ever experience. YEA!!! xxxooo

  2. It takes time ta used to. We aren't there yet ourselves.

  3. That was a bargain and it looks like it works.

  4. Your mom is a Super Shopper! Way to go!
    Cammie likes getting brushed - she even falls asleep when Mom brushes her if I'm not there helping. I should get Mom to video how helpful I am some time. Basically, I have a LOT to say, really loud. Right in Cam's ear. I'd hate for her to fall asleep and miss something -- right?
    I don't mind getting brushed, but I'm not as relaxed about it as Cam!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. That's a great bargain! I love bargain with passion, too!
    Glad you enjoyed a nice salon session :-)

  6. It feels good to get a bargain. I have a furminator but my mum has to be very careful now because I am very thin and she doesn't want to catch my bones. I used to love it though.

  7. That was a bargain! We have a furminator, but we haven't used in a while. The mom usually likes to comb us outside because of all the furs that comes off of us.

  8. Humans don't realize that sometimes shorter haired kitties have more fur than longhaired ones. I'm a single coated cat, and I bet Leia is double-coated, which is why her fur is so thick, and why you got so much out of her. Binga is a single coated shorthair, so the times my human has Furminated her, she has not gotten much fur out of her.

  9. Wow! What a bargain Mom got. The Furminator works amazingly well -- we have one, too.

  10. OMCs what a bargain. Mom wants to know if it makes a noise? She has thought about the Furminator but she heard that makes noise
    What a great job it does too
    Hugs madi your bfff

  11. Ahh, a nice spa day at Toby and Leia's house!

  12. Only the BEST brush out there! Our Mom said that. Dad might have chimed in on the side. We like our brushies and all, but sometimes it seems like our humans would brush us bald with our Furmintator if they could. Then again, our hairballs might bury us all! MOL!

  13. Mom just got us one and we love it! Your Mom found a great deal! We read your question about how Oscar deals with arthritis, Toby. We are making our Mom send you an answer soon! Purrs,
    the kitty brats