Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's Caturday

Mom, am I not the fairest in the land (of Whiskeratti) ? Why can't I have this day?.... Fine, I'll let you and Toby have it. But I want special treatment next week!

Thank you, Leia, you are a generous soul.

So, back to the vet today, for Toby's arthritis shot. I tried the Medicam drops but since I can't actually see how many drops I'm putting in, and that is critical, it just wasn't working. And I think he was hurting a fair amount.

While there, we discovered that he's also... hyperthyroid. Of course. Why wasn't that included in the blood work from TWO WEEKS AGO??? I assumed it was, but no. And he's lost weight since that visit too. Anyway, I now have a diagnosis for the weight loss and pills for it.

Recheck in four weeks for this. Recheck in 6 more weeks for the heart. 
These visits are turning my sweet orange into a monster. While there, he growls and hisses and pants.
He's tired of being poked and prodded and being forced into the PTU/car rides.
If you will, please purray for us - endurance, and strength to get through all that we must do.

Happy Caturday to all.


  1. Oh no! Purraying for you and Toby--this is hard on both of you. And you're an awesome cat mommy! -Kiki

  2. Poor Toby - all those vet visits! I'm sending lots of purrs.

  3. Caturday IS a good day ta ask fer favors... We mean, it IS named fer us.

  4. Oh sweet Toby I am so sorry your handsome self and Mom have this to deal with. Our friend Sammy from One Spoiled Cat and Flynn from Two Devon Cats both are taking thyroid meds. If you need their contact info let us know maybe they can help your mom
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Poor Toby, I know how you feel. I try to hide when I get my pills twice a day. I am purring for you.
    Re Madi's comment. I do not take thyroid pills because they were making me very ill and my body was working against them. It affects very few cats like that. I take low dose Prednisalone instead to keep my T4 from going sky high, and Ranitidine for the nausea that was stopping me from wanting to eat.

  6. Poor Toby. Poor Mom! We know this is very stressful for both of you. Is it possible to find a vet in your area who makes house calls?

  7. Four paws crossed fur Toby. It's so hard fur kitties to go to the vet all the time. I can't blame him fur hissing and growling. Mimi sends Toby love and healing prayers.
    Your Furrend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  8. Oh poor Toby! Y' can get the thyroid med in a cream that you rub in the ear. Maybe Toby would like that better than taking more pills? Purrs....

  9. Oh sweet Toby, I'm so sorry you have to deal with all the medical conditions....and the vet visits. I know it's very stressful.
    We purr for you and your mom - sending positive and healing vibes. xoxo

  10. Oh Toby! We feel for yous! Mes is having horrible achies too, mes is adding yous to my purrayers!!!
    Thanks for coming to the debate guys! And yous knows who won!!! The Rump and The Hill did not get even ONE vote (Kong did though!)
    Lots of healing kisses

  11. Poor Toby ! no worry O.K. ? I do send purrs for you

  12. Poor Toby, we really feel for you.

    Sending healing vibes and purrs xx

    Athena and Marie

  13. Poor Toby, I can see why he is frustrated. I hope his meds help his arthritis and thyroid. Phoebe is going for a weigh in on Tuesday and some bloodwork to see if her meds need adjusting. I am praying for you Toby.

  14. Poor Toby! And poor you, too. We are purring and praying that things start settling down very soon.

  15. The thyroid panel is an "add on" the regular blood work, so unless it's ordered it won't be included. I hope he adjusts quickly to the medication. Benny has been on meds for hyperthyroid about 5 weeks and is doing well.

  16. purrs that the medications help and he is feeling better.

  17. Lots and lots AND LOTS of purrs from this marmie boy to you. Visits to the doctor can be a pain in the tail but if your doctor is makin' you all better, visitin' is a good thing, for sure.


  18. I think we need to ramp up our prayers for you guys!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher