Thursday, June 28, 2018

Finally Friday

A week to furget, definitely, but we've reached the end. May we all have an excellent weekend.

Tonight, something happened that Mom haaaates: power outage. 
Storm came through, high winds, and oops there it went. 
So once again we felines leapt into action to help mom.

Above you see Leia keeping guard on the outside perimeter.

After awhile we moved the base of operations into the bedroom.
Here, you see ME keeping watch over mom.


Oh, glorious day in the night - the power came back after about 1.5 hours.

Now, mom does also have a LOOOOVE list.
And this is extremely high on it :

O2 Cool Fan, battery operated, 10 inches. 

We have three of these guys now, one with an AC adapter. 

Trust us, everyone NEEDS these. It helps with coolness, obviously, but also with moving air around if you have breathing issues, and it's just frankly disconcerting to be without electricity, emotionally. 
And also, mom really appreciates the soothing white noise it makes, 
helps to provide a buffer around her.

It does require six of the biggest batteries, but these are green papers well spent. They can be bought from Amazon, Walmart, and a lot of other places, but the 10 inches are hard to find in stores.

*** This is a spontaneous love note to O2 Cool, no compensation here.


  1. Power outages are no fun - glad y'all had a good fan!

  2. Power outages are on my human's most hated list! One time a few years ago, she was so desperate for power that she went to a hotel so she could plug in her computer and work for the night!

  3. We've been fortunate with no power outages here but we used to get them at the old house. Awful! We are impressed with Leia's laser eyes as she kept watch! Good that your mom had the foresight to have a battery powered fan on paw too.

  4. First of all MOM LOVES LOVES LOVES the curtains in the first photo. She is a big fan of all those colors.
    Leia well done on being perimeter patrol
    Toby somebuddy has to head the operations center..very convenient that it was from the bed. MOL
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS thanks goodness for power returning

  5. Well done to both of you for looking after your mum during the power cut. We don't have a/c here because we don't often get weather hot enough to need it. We need it now though! The temperature is around 80F with 85% humidity. I have the fan blowing right on me, but it is too noisy for night time. I will have to check out the O2 fan on Amazon.

  6. You two are so good to help your mom and watch over things. Power outages are the worst! When we were in PA, we lost our power twice in the winter. It was so dark and so cold. Losing power in the heat is awful too. It's terrible when it's at night. There's nothing to do but go to bed early. Of course, we kitties don't mind that. Yes, we wish you an excellent weekend!

  7. Ooh, oh, OH! WE NEED ONE OF THESE! *grabbing car keys*

  8. guyz.....grate job on keepin yur houz safe....we noe mom apurreciatez it two....N glad ya getted powerz bak prette quik.... we noe yur glad thiz weekz over.....heerz ta better best onez a head ~~~~~ ♥♥

  9. You two sure earned your treats that night! We're lucky in that we don't usually lose power for very long (buried cables) - unless there's some catastrophe like the F5 tornado eight or so years ago. Leia, if I was up to no good and I saw you in the window ... I'd run!

  10. OMC. The mom hates power outages too. It makes her crazy! At least it was only 1 and a half hours (which is too long no matter what!).

  11. I haaate power outage, too. Glad it came back on rather quickly. I need to get battery operated fan myself!

  12. That fan is a great idea. Glad you got it back pretty fast. XO

  13. As idiotic as it will sound dad sometimes wishes for a power outage here so people would stop running their air conditioners 24/7 and open up their windows for some good, fresh air for a change. "These damn southerners..." I keep hearing him bitch...

    1. Unfortunately it's hard to get good fresh air in a southern summer. Humidity so high it's like breathing soup, and invites mold to grow.

  14. We are glad your outage was shortish. We hardly get them cuz they bury the wires around here. Yeah, it doesn't help much ta open the windows when it is 95 degrees and 95 humidity outside...

  15. Sorry to hear about your power outage but happy to know that it was only a short one though. The heat here has been so overwhelming so I am sure we are expecting a big thunderstorm soon.
    World of Animals

  16. We sure are glad your power did not stay off too long! Those O2 Cool Fans sound awesome. :)

  17. Ohhhh, our mom needs to look into one of those! Thanks for the heads up!
    Sorry about the power! You two sure helped out a lot!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher