Monday, June 25, 2018

Mancat Monday

Ok, so really we don't have much to say. We're exhausted from taking care of mom - not only is it her birthday; she says she is mumble mumblity 7, she stayed home from work because she has a cold. 

And we all know how much work that makes for us felines.
And probably for the woofies out there too.

While we resume our nap,
she wants to rant about something. Take it away, Grumpy Mom!

Grumpy Mom:

Vet bills and broken promises.... !! I posted about my niece's dog, Penny, last week.
Since then she's seen multiple vets, including the ER only vet, one CT scan for $1,200 that was sworn to be definitive - it wasn't, only disproved one theory - and I have no idea what all else in terms of labwork, exams, etc.

The vet capable of doing the surgery - at this point they are doing exploratory because they have no idea now - required a $2,000 deposit before they would do the CT. I guess I understand that, it's just... so. very. expensive! They don't think it's cancer now, unless it's some form of really rare cancer, and the scan disproved their twisted lung lobe theory, and hey, it might just be bacterial...

And for the record, I have a serious dislike of ER-only vets. I don't trust them at all. Their care is not comprehensive, since they have no facilities for round the clock care; they often charge exorbitant prices; and frequently those employed are the bottom tier vets. 

The vet I take my cats to is a 24 hr hospital - the doctor working through any
given night  is also often the one who will do regular business hours work.
And I have had two ER visits, but the only extra charge was a higher exam fee.

So, please, vet taking care of Penny, for the love of all that is furry will you PLEASE figure this out before a. Penny dies, and/or b. my niece has to sell one of her own body parts to pay for this.


  1. So so sorry about Penny! I hope they figure things out! Keep us updated! And try to have a happy bday!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Toby and Leia's mom! We hope you feel better soon.

    We're sorry to hear about Penny's troubles. We hate it when somebody needs care and you get pushed into a corner.

  3. Oh, guys, this is the pits. We hope your mom feels better. That is really a bummer that she has a cold on her birthday, but we do wish her a happy birthday.

    This is awful about Penny. Vet care is so expensive and very, very frustrating when they can't find the problem. I hope they can give a definitive answer on Penny and very soon!

  4. How frustrating for Penny and her human. We agree about ER vets. They’re not really experts which means they have to run lots of tests to diagnose. Which gets very expensive. Is there an internal medicine vet that Penny could see? An IM vet is usually better trained to handle complex issues. We hope they can find out what’s going on with Penny and she can get the treatment she needs.

    1. Currently Penny is being treated by a regular vet. Her explo surgery is today.

    2. I did not know that! I will see if we haven in this area too.

  5. How awful and frustrating for Penny and her human! I hope SOME vet gets her illness figured out and is able to treat it.

  6. This is a nightmare for Penny and her Mom. I am so sorry.

  7. Happy Happy Bday to your sweet Mama and we hope she is feeling some better today.
    Oh do we hear you on the ER vet. We've been forced to take Madi there 3 times. Even though they are affiliated with our regular vet clinic they are twice as high and they don't give Senior discount there like the regular vet does. They do have a 'rule' if you come twice in a 24 hour period they don't charge you for the vet visit just any meds or tests.
    I hope and pray Penny's condition is diagnosed soon and I would hope w/o surgery. A pet CT scan is as much as a human jeeeeeez!!
    Hugs madi and mom

  8. Happy birthday but sorry you are sick! Our mom has been sick too. We also dislike ER vets and will only use them in a dire situation not only because of the cost, but because we never seem to get an answer despite spending so much money on tests!

  9. guyz...pleez ta tell yur mom we said happee birthday N we hope her hada grate day dee spite havin a crankee cold :( N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez

    N we understand com pleet lee bout ER vetz.... we hope sum one... at sum facilitee... can give momz neece a troo answer bout whatz wrong..... itz worry sum enuff when yur petz doin bad, let a lone gettin de may beez....

    st francis' blessings two ewe penny ♥♥

  10. Continued prayers for Penny. We know it's hard, frustrating, and expensive.
    Happy birthday to your mom. We hope she shakes off her cold soon.
    Cammie and Mags

  11. Happy Birthday, Leia and Toby's Mom! We hope you feel better soon - we're sure the kitties are on it. It seems like most vet charges are exorbitant but I read a story somewhere that they barely get by. I find that hard to believe - especially in this example with your niece!

  12. Happy birthday to your mum. I hope she soon feels better.
    I am sorry about Penny. Those prices are exorbitant. I was lucky with Eric and Flynn that the regular vets at the practice had a rota for being the ER vets so one was always available.

  13. We hope you had a really nice birthday (sorry we're late getting here!), and that you are felling better soon. We're sorry that Penny and your niece are going through so much ... emergency vet costs are ridiculous, we agree.