Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Caturday - and Welcome to Our Roundtable Discussion

Happy Caturday to all!

We welcome you all to our discussion today. The topic:

Scritches - Two Handed or One?

Now, that seems obvious - two is always better, right? 
I mean, when your hoomin's other hand is always busy doing something else,
like her phone or petting that other kitteh who lives with you and should really be waiting her turn beccause everyone knows YOU are the special one here,
isn't that super annoying?

The attention should be all about ME - I mean, you.


Sometimes, I've noticed anyway, while the two handed thing is utter bliss,
it can get a bit... overwhelming. And then maybe you want to get just a lil bit bitey.

What do you think?

Comments are OPEN.

Snacks and niptinis to follow.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mancat Monday


Do you want to know a secret?

Do you??

Leia: I do !

Come closer....

Just a little closer...

And here it is: It's Monday!!

MOL! I didn't say it was a good secret, did I?

Have a great week, furriends.

Leia: I feel so cheated.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Bridge Has a New Queen

A very dear furriend, Queen Nellie, has passed over. 

We cherished the time we got to spend with her,
and visiting her blog was always a wonderful experience.

She lived a long, full life, and her mom loved her very much. 

But, we still hurt here today.

Please go visit her mom if you can.

Friday, April 7, 2017

He Meow'd, She Meow'd, Mom's Mad

We want to wish all our furriends a most wonderful weekend.

Ok, so DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING you are about to read. I mean it. It wasn't me. I.. uhhh.. I'm pretty sure it was Not Me, posing as my orange clone. Really, look at this sweet face, would I do anything bad, like EVER???

Ha. Our furriends are TOO SMART to fall for that line, orange beastie boy. 

So here is what happened - yesterday I was all
happy and content and snuggled into my little house.
The one that fits me purrfectly, and was a gift from my Brody. Toby comes marching over and ATTACKS me! He even tore apart my house (mom had to go into the remodeling business to fix it), and chased me under the bed. Meanie. Naturally, Mom stepped in to save me.

Toby: I was defending my territory. There was an ebil introoder kitteh out there! Oh wait, that wasn't me, that was Not Me Orange Clone. But I was the one who saw the introoder, so somewhere along the line N M O C took over...   ::sees the frosty stares of two females::  err.... umm.... I think I need to go... do some- (Toby dashes off to safety in an undisclosed location).

Mom's turn:
Unfortunately, there are some outside cats that roam here. A really beautiful black cat hangs out nearby, and he/she stopped to see Toby behind the sliding glass door. I came in, the other cat ran, Toby was full of a bad case of redirected aggression. And sought out my tiny Leia, who is less than half his size. With the help of a pillow, I get him out of the bedroom so she can recover herself. But he's still mad, and unsure what to do with his furry fury, and I'm mad because he attacked Leia with no warning.  He literally ran into the living room to find her so he could beat her up. 

None of us had a good morning. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Finally Friday

Meows, dear furriends. We know we haven't posted much lately - Mom has been working long hours, like that's EVER been an excuse for slacking on feline needs. Ha. Still, she has been dragging in very tired lately, so maybe we will give her some time to redeem herself.

But, still, let's all take a moment to celebrate Finally Friday.

In other news... Leia has been complaining that I'm taking over her stuff.

I really can't imagine WHERE she got such an idea. 

Nope, Toby, I can't imagine either.

Mom here:
Toby's bloodwork came back, and it's good news. His thyroid is functioning well on his current medication, so they are refilling it for a year. Leia has been off her Prednisone for about a week and the sneezing fits haven't come back. Yeaaa!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Happy Caturday

Well, this morning was pretty wasted. I got dragged off to the Stabby Place
(They STOLE my bloods!), the car ride, the PTU, everything.

However, I acted like a stern mancat.
I made sure to announce my prescence in the waiting room. I promise you everyone knew
*I* was in the building. And I definitely scolded those rude people in the treatment area too.

(And just why couldn't my Mom be there when they did stuff to me? Just because I'm big and strong and pretty darn pawsome doesn't mean I don't want my mom with me.)

Anyways, I'm done with this day. See y'all next week.

Mom's note:
We have a new vet here in Florida, and he wanted more bloodwork for the thyroid issue. I really don't like it when they take my cats back to the treatment area. I know sometimes it's neccessary but frankly I prefer to see just what they are doing.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

I, Princess Leia, do hereby declare
this is Finally Friday!

All hoomins rejoice!

AND AND I also hereby declare
that tabbies are the official sponsers
of this week's Finally Friday.

Let the good times roll.

PS: this one is for YOU, Brody!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mancat Monday

Monday is here, and I'm very busy.
Among other things, I'm reading a pretty good book, part of The Cat Who series. 

I'm also having some guy time with my pals, Cornelius and Lion.
Sometimes, it's just a bit too much female-ness around here.
I'm glad they survived The Move ok.

Not sure how I really feel about Lion though... 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Happy Caturday

Well, it is SUPPOSED to be a happy day for us felines, isn't it?
Toby is all set to enjoy his but I...

*I* am very put out with Mom, that's what I am.

So last night, I was utilitizing the facilities when things got -
well, a lady never goes into detail about these things,
but let's just say a certain matter required clean up, unexpectedly.

I was attending to that matter.
(And may I say, on that subject, hard floors just aren't
as satisfying as carpet?)

Mom happened to be in the same room, and she saw.
She gets the kitteh wipes, closes the bedroom door

I am grabbed, cat-handled, the indignity of it all!

The treat and the fried chick-hen was nice, but you are still on
probation, Cat-Grabber Person. I can't be bought off that easily.

Keep a close eye on your peeps, dear furriends.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mancat Monday

Furriends, I'm truly a generous mancat. I bet most of you didn't know that about me.

Today, for example, I kindly allowed mom to share the bed with me. She wanted to lay down and nap too.

Well that's what she SAID.

Turns out she just couldn't stay still. What a wiggle worm! And she kept talking while I was trying to sleep. And of course there was the touching. Couldn't keep her fingers to herself, just kept wanting to snorgle my warm, sleepy orange furs.

Finally I was forced to move away.
And I had my nap spot arranged just purrrfectly too.

Moms! Honestly.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Happy Caturday, furriends. Not much going on here right now. The Bird TV is really good today, though. They really turned up the volume.

Yep, an excellent day for a good nap.
I don't have much going on either. Though it was kinda fun sneaking up on Mom. She didn't even know I was here until she got up and turned around and there I was.

Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mancat Monday

Oh, we had some excitement yesterday!

We were all hanging out on the couch, just snuggling and stuff.
The usual Sunday.

And THEN  - there was a thump on the window glass!

It was a LIZARD!

We hurtled to the window to see
(except Mom. For some reason she didn't get all excited).

We did our best to get that tasty thing, but it didn't happen.

However, I assure you, I kept watch for quite some time.

And now Leia wants a meow. 

Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Brody, my sweet fluffy-kins.
You have come such a long way.

- Leia.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tiny Tabby Thursday

Mom, I AM sorry my back claw ripped open your finger.
Yes, I know they are like tiny razors.

Still, I'm kinda impressed at how big a cut I made. Don't you think that's cool? I think it's cool.

Ok... I guess you don't. But, we both do like the Hello Kitty band aid.

Moving on -

This is our new scooper thingy. I love it! A great color.

(Toby thinks it's way too girly, but why can't I have a 
girly scooper? The other one is quite boring).

Mom doesn't like cleaning them when they get particularly icky,
so she just buys new ones. 

Lazy bones!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Caturday

We have VERY cheeky and rude squirrels here.
If you look right above my head, to the top,
you will see this guy. 

He's quite plump and just ever so full of himself. 
He likes to get up on the fence post (which you can't see)
and mock us.

He's definitely a mocker.

Mr. Squirrel, your time is coming.

Oh yes, it's definitely coming...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Finally Friday

Happy Friday, furriends!

It's been a long week, and we are all snugged in together here. 

Yesterday Mom went shopping at a thrift store
(that benefits cats and dogs for the Humane Society)
and found THIS!

Isn't she awfully cute?
Let's hope she brings us luck.

Mom said she'd never seen one of these Japanese
lucky cats that are made of clear glass like this.

Even Toby woke up long enough to give her a good sniff.

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope everyone has a wonderful day today. 
Lots of love and happiness to all.

And especially to my true love,
the handsome and stylish Brody!

- Leia

Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Caturday

Do you see this tummy??

Furriends, you would not believe how hard it is to keep mom from POKING my tummy.
Like it's some kind of public property, for anyone to gawk at. And poke!

Mom, I am a distinguished, honorable, retired gentleman cat.
My tummy is not your plaything!
Sometimes, she even rubs her face in its fur too. I don't care if it's warm,
I did not give purrmission for such a familiarity.

Life is just not fair.
Leia goes off and gets all gooshy over another mancat...
and Mom treats me like a tot.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tiny Tabby Terrific Tuesday!

So there I was, going about my daily routine when....

La la la.... Yes, Mom? Did you need something?

What's that? *I* got a package? I want to see!!

GASP! Looky!!

The cutest, sweetest, handsome-est mancat EVER sent me this pawsome gift!
It smells so good and is just purrfect for rolling on.

And.. and... he asked me to be his Valentine! and his girlfried!


YES YES YES!! A thousand times YES!

Oh Brody, I am dancing on air! headbonks and nose-rubs and I will even share my treats with you.